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Coffeehouse Musician Profile. Raquel Cole

Raquel Cole, Coffeehouse Musician ProfileOnce again, the live music night venue at our Granville Street cafe brings you the best coffeehouse tunes you’re going to get anywhere from Vernon BC to Nashville, Tennessee — which just happens to follow the musical trajectory of the talented Raquel Cole. This young BC-born guitarist with a distinctive country style recently picked up Best New Artist of the Year from the BC Interior Music Awards and has been writing, playing and recording some amazing tunes across Canada and the USA. She’s playing alongside the Winter Buskers and Cece Caroll and the Fab this Friday — so enjoy some soulful, mellow tunes this week as you kick back with a coffee and cheesecake!

We actually got a chance to chat with Raquel about her music and where she’s headed. She is our latest coffeehouse musician profile:

TO. What inspires your music and songwriting? (more…)

Celebrate National Cheesecake Day on July 30

Celebrate National Cheesecake DayWe’re celebrating National Cheesecake Day on Wednesday, July 30th!* To celebrate, our cafes are offering all our cheesecakes, in all flavours, by the slice and whole cheesecakes, for half price on July 30!

You read that right: Trees Organic cheesecake for ½ price July 30. Bet you wish National Cheesecake Day came around a lot more often than once a year.

We’re known for our top-rated cheesecake, that time after time has been voted as the best cheesecake in Vancouver. At the end of this month you can choose from a variety of different flavours, including our summertime fan-favorite, Mango Splash! Take in the ambiance of any of our friendly neighborhood coffeehouses as you take on your decadent dessert.

Make sure to check in on social media and say hello while you’re here – and don’t forget to tell your friends about National Cheesecake Day at Trees Organic. They’ll be grateful you did.

Choose from any of our delicious flavours:

New York Cheesecake. The “classic” cheesecake; creamy with a refreshing hint of citrus.

Blueberry Cheesecake. Plump blueberries mixed in the cheesecake burst in your mouth with juicy, sweet flavour.

Maple Walnut Cheesecake. Sweetened with pure maple syrup and accented by the earthy, soft crunch of walnuts.

The Sin Cheesecake. Made with real Belgian dark chocolate and sour cherries. It’s sinfully delicious!

Key Lime Cheesecake. A symphony of citrus in your mouth. Tart lime flavour with a lemon undertone.

Raspberry White Chocolate. Sweet and rich white chocolate balanced by tart raspberries.

Chocoholic Cheesecake. For the serious chocolate lover. Layers of Belgian dark chocolate and milk chocolate will satisfy any craving.

Mango Cheesecake. A summer specialty that combines tropical flavour and old-fashioned cream cheese goodness.

Strawberry Cheesecake. There’s just something about cheesecake and strawberries going so well together.

* National Cheesecake Day may not be recognized as an official holiday, but for those of you that need an excuse for a little sweet indulgence, this is your chance. Celebrate the awesomeness that is cheesecake by eating a slice (or two).

Offer valid on July 30 only. Not valid with any other promotional offer. Promotional price not valid on pre-ordered cheesecakes.

Coffeehouse Musician Profile. Raine Hamilton


Vancouver Coffeehouse Musician Raine Hamilton

Photo Credit: Raine Hamilton

Live music nights at our flagship Granville Street coffeehouse are always a good time, with talented performers, welcoming cafe culture and of course, plenty of plates of our famous cheesecake all around. The lineup of musicians this month is as good as ever, with a mix of singer-songwriters and instrumental aficionados to keep your toes tapping. On July 18, Raine Hamilton takes the stage — we chatted with this unique talent known for her inventive melodies, sage lyrics and quick wit. With a new EP out and a Western Canada tour underway, we’re pleased as punch that she was able to make our music venue:

Trees Organic. You’ve been described as “a cross between a shorter, more musical Tina Fey, and a shorter, funnier Joni Mitchell”. How does your humour impact your performance as a musician? (more…)

Coffee 101. Roasting Coffee Beans

Probat RoasterIf you’ve ever visited our flagship Granville Street café, you’ve certainly seen our big coffee roaster right in the store. That coffee roaster isn’t just decorative; every day, we roast our organic coffee beans in-house, creating the flavourful coffees that you know and love.

You already know that the flavour of your coffee depends on where the coffee is grown around the world, and how and when the coffee beans are harvested. There’s literally a world of coffee flavours available for tasting. One of the biggest factors in the taste of your cup of coffee comes from how it is roasted! The flavour of green coffee beans is utterly different from what you get after you apply the heat – it’s all in the chemical reaction that brings out the best in the beans! (more…)

Coffeehouse Musician Profile. Tessa Mouzourakis

Vancouver Coffeehouse Musician Tessa MouzourakisAs usual, we’ve got some amazing musical lineups at our music nights at our flagship Granville Street cafe. This Friday, the talented Tessa Mouzourakis performs at our coffeehouse stage. Winner of the international musical competition, Your Voice in the Park for her video, The Kid in Me, this local singer-songwriter has garnered plenty of radio play and presence at local venues like the Mix and the Cellar night club. She’s our latest coffeehouse musician profile.


Reviewers on TripAdvisor Love Us!

TripAdvisor 2014 Certificate of ExcellenceRecently Tripadvisor bestowed upon us a great award: the “Certificate of Excellence.” This award is presented to businesses that consistently achieve high review ratings on the Tripadvisor website.  So many folks have written nice things about Trees Organic in their many reviews. Thanks!

We have always paid close attention to feedback from our customers, including online reviews. We’re very honoured to know that reviewers from all around the world have given us so much positive feedback that it has culminated into this great achievement.

Check out these sweet reviews:

VandMarion gave us 5 stars for the “Best cheesecake I’ve ever had”

“I love cheesecake and was just passing by Trees Organic when I saw they had a Maple one. It was actually a Walnut Maple Cheesecake and the best I’ve ever had in my life! That’s all I had and would go back in a heartbeat!”

Tagen85 says our “Cheesecakes are awesome”

“We came to Trees for the first time in January 2013 on the recommendation of our friend. We loved it! The coffee was great and the cheesecakes absolutely divine! We ended up moving away from Vancouver but we returned in August 2013 along with my parents and we returned here to show them just how good the cheesecakes are and they were still as good as I remember! Great job!”

Then there’s Worldwidelens, who checked out our Gastown cafe to enjoy “Great cheesecake and good coffee”

“Trees organic makes really good coffee, that is for sure. Their speciality is cheesecake though, on this, they are experts. The cheesecake is soft, sweet and delicious. You get a pretty big piece too, so be aware of that. A coffee and a cheesecake at Trees is a great treat. The shop on Water street is my favourite, it has big windows that open out onto the street and is in an old wood beam building…lovely! Go and enjoy!”

Thanks so much to our customers who aren’t shy about sharing their positive experiences. We love hearing from you. Feel free to leave more reviews — or let us know how we’re doing while you’re in one of our cafes!

Chill Out with a Real Fruit Smoothie or Cappuchillo!

Real Fruit Smoothies from Trees Organic!Need to chill out as the season warms up? Try an all-natural Fruit Smoothie (mango or strawberry!) or Cappuchillo from your nearest Trees Organic cafe!

You know and love us for our organic coffee and top-voted cheesecake  — but we also like to serve up some cool fun for the spring and summer. Whether you’re chilling out on our patio or bouncing along the street with your best friend, it’s a perfect time to enjoy one of our tasty new beverages.

3 Reasons to Try (and Love) our Fruit Smoothies

  • We make our smoothies with real fruit. Made from 100% pure fruit with no added sugar, artificial flavour or colour.
  • Healthy and safe for everyone! Gluten-free and vegan friendly. You get 4 full servings of fruit in every smoothie.
  • Real fruit taste. It’s a yummy, refreshing drink on a hot day.

CappuchilloAnd More Reasons to Try (and Love) our Cappuchillo

  • You deserve it! Indulge yourself with a tasty treat.
  • All natural ingredients. No weird-sounding additives or preservatives. All good stuff in a yummy frappe.
  • Smooth, refreshing, rich frappe flavour. Whether you’re a sophisticated customer or a youngster who deserves something sweet and special, you’ll love it.

Try something different! Order a real Fruit Smoothie or Cappuchillo today!

Chill Out

Coffeehouse Musician Profile. Deborah Holland

Singer Songwriter Deborah Holland performs at Trees Cafe!

Photo Credit: Deborah Holland

We’ve hosted plenty of the most talented musicians around Vancouver and beyond at our live music nights at our Granville Street cafe — but we’ve got a special performer next month that’s not to be missed: Deborah Holland is a singer-songwriter who has played with some of the biggest names in music; with Police (yes, those Police) drummer Stewart Copeland in the hit band Animal Logic, as well as other top talents like Jackson Browne, David Lindley, George Duke, Steve Howe and Freddie Hubbard. She’s released two albums with the Refugees, alongside Cindy Bullens and Wendy Waldman. She’s played for audiences all over the world, often in front of thousands of music fans — and at our cozy cafe this May, she plays for you.

We caught up with Deborah to talk about her music and her move to Vancouver — a big change for this soulful American music artist. (more…)

Coffee 101. Single Origin Beans

Single Origin Coffee Beans. Taste the Difference!

What is the value of single origin coffee? You might as well ask what is the value of single malt scotch or fine wine. Wine connoisseurs often talk about terroir, meaning the flavours imparted by the soil and climate in which the plants are grown (true Champagne comes from grapes grown only in the Champagne region of France; everything else is just sparkling wine) — and it’s like that with single origin coffee.

So what actually defines “single origin”? Single origin coffee comes from one variety of coffee plant grown in the same region of the world. Particular regions which have a long tradition of growing coffee have a distinct flavour profile, as with Ethiopia’s famous Arabica beans or the fine coffee beans grown in verdant Colombian plantations. (more…)

Coffeehouse Musician Profile. Emma Plant

Emma Plant performs at Trees Coffee in VancouverLooking for a fresh sound and a fun time as you get out and about in the Spring weather? Every Thursday and Friday, we feature some of the most talented musicians around at our flagship Granville Street cafe at our open mic and live music nights. Experience some great tunes in our cozy coffeehouse as you sip a latte with a slice of our fan-favourite cheesecake.

This April, our coffeehouse hosts a free-spirited singer, songwriter and musician from Vancouver Island, Emma Plant. We asked this young and soulful entertainer about her music and what’s it like performing for the coffeehouse crowd. (more…)

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